Dashboard showing updates on Contracts and Events

As soon as you login you will find a complete reworked Dasboard to easily monitor your contracts and events. You can reach the dashboard at all times by clicking on the contract alert logo.

View of Pending Events:

Contract and Event











On the left side you will find following sections:

Contract Search

Enter some search term like a company name and all relevant contracts will be shown in the output screen on the right side. From there you can open directly contract documents or jump to the contract.

Email Alerts

In order to decrease dependency on reminder emails send out by the software,  this section shows all contracts and events for which the system has been sending emails.

All reminders are filtered by section like contract expiry date, events or pending approvals if you have that module installed.

Furthermore, each section is separated in “My” and “All”. In “My” you will find only alerts for which you are either owner or substitute owner. In “All” you will also find alerts of other users as long as you have access to these contracts.

Important: This section only shows alerts if the email sending has been set in the contract or event. It is not showing any other pending contract or event for which email messaging has not been activated. For viewing all pending contracts or events, check out following post.


Here you can see the most important changes that have been made by users of the system to your contracts and events. In the section “All” you can monitor all changes to contracts and events made by any users for contracts you can see based on your user access restrictons.


This section shows all upcoming action so that you can plan in advance.

Reminder Mails

This section monitors if the automated sending of emails are being executed correctly. If the date of “last run” is red, it means that no emails have been send since that day. If the status field shows an error, some emails might have been send but with at least one there has been a problem. To see what Event or Contract is concerned, click on “ERROR” and these will be shown on the right side. In all cases: Contact support or your IT-Manager for those having local installations.