Daily renewing contracts

An additional lifespan has been added in the field „Contract Lifespan“ for handling daily renewing contracts.

This kind of contract would typically have no ending date and can be cancelled every day, sometimes with a period of notice.

So you would need to enter the starting date and in the field ending date you would enter the next possible ending date. If there is a 3 month notice, you would enter todays date plus 3 months. In the field “Date of notice” you need to set today’s date so that it renews tomorrow.

You cannot not enter a date in the reminder date field as that would rollover on a daily basis as well. So if you want to set a reminder for this type of contract, you would need to enter a reminder in the event section.

Following this sample with todays date, september 7, 2013:

daily renewing

Saving of duplicate contract descriptions

Up to now it has not been possible to save a contract with an existing description. That principle has not been changed but if you save a contract with a contract description that already exists, the contract-ID will be added automatically by the system.

duplicate contract description:

Additional fields contract partner section

Two additional fields have been added to the contractor section:

1. VAT Registration Number
2. Company Registration number

The fields will not be shown in the contract-entry mask but you can enter and amend the information in the contractor section.