Showing contract information’s in tabs

Contract information will be shown now in different tabs. This will it make easier to find contract information and avoids scrolling:

contract information's in tabs



The different tabs are available for viewing contract information, but access to it may be limited to per user/user category depending on the responsibilities assigned to each.

For restricting user access you need to change settings in the user profiles:

New Contract Filter

To make it easier to find contracts, the display may be changed with the help of various filters. To display the filter, click on the symbol to the right (arrow down):


After you click on the arrow, you will receive the following filter options:





Table Height: In this section you can define the size of the output field. A higher pixel count allows display of more contracts per page.

Show: 50│ 100 │ 250│All: This option influences the behavior of loading records. The above only makes sense when you have thousands of contracts or a slow internet access. If you select “All”, everytime you create a view, all contracts are loaded and depending on the speed of your internet connection, this can result in unnecessary delais. In this case it is better to set the filter to a lower value.

More contracts will be shown if you continue to scroll (›).

Personal Contract Filters

Each employee requires different contract information depending on the departments to which they belong. For example the purchasing department will need expiry dates while the finance department would be more concerned about receiving contract values or residual values to the closest ending dates.

Hence, for employees to receive contract information that is only relevant to their department so that they can carry out their tasks as soon as possible, a user may create custom filters and save them.

To do so, first enter a name for the filter and click on save. Now you can select the fields you want to be shown in your personal view. After having selected all options refresh it.

Following some screenshots of a filter called “Finance” with the set options and the output received.

Calculation of end date

Once you create a contract and entered a starting date, you can enter the number of months in the field “Ending date” so that ending date will be calculated instead of entering manually (e.g. 24 for a 2 year contract). Same logic applies to the field “reminder date” and “date of notice”. If you want to be notified 6 months before the ending date, just enter a 6 (or -6) in that field.

New option “Documents”

In order to find faster documents, a new option has been added in the “contract administration” section.

On the left side of the screen you will find the name of the contractor and if you click on a contractor, all associated contracts and documents are shown. You can refine the documents view by clicking on the contract name.

To refine your search you can select criteria like Site or contact or simply enter a text in the text search field.

Multiple contracting parties

For contracts with several contracting parties, you can select now up to 5 contractors per contract.

As soon as you select a contractor, a new select button will appear beneath it to select the next one.

Editing Combo boxes

An easier way to edit and remove choices of existing combo boxes have been developed. Just add new values and move them up or down in order to change the list order of the entries. Existing entries can be removed from the list as long as the option has not been assigned to a contract.

edit combo boxes

edit combo boxes