Auto-renewing contracts

In order to simplify the entry of contracts that auto-renew on a periodic basis, you will find a new option in the contract mask to differ between a fixed lifespan and auto renewing:

Once you select the auto-renewing option, different fields are being shown and the system proposes the next possible ending-and reminder date based on the information you enter. Thereby it is considering the date of entry, like in this sample the date of entry was March 27:









With a one day notice, expiring at month end, the next possible ending date is March 31 and the date of notice March 30.

In the actual version, the owners of the contract have automatically been informed by email about every contract extension. Now you have the option to turn this on/off with the option “Send me an info when contract renewed”.

All existing contracts will continue to send an info email after the update but you can turn it off if wished.

Daily renewing contracts removed from activity stream.

Contracts that auto renew on a periodic basis are being shown in the “Updates” section. Contracts that renew on a daily basis are being removed now as in some cases too many entries are being shown and updates made by users are difficult to identify.

New contract status “cancelled”

A new option called “cancelled” has been added to differ between “contract will expire” and to make it clearer that notice has been given to the contractor.

New filters for faster loading

The filter section of contracts and documents did load by deafult all options like name of contractors, departments etc. This was slowing down the loading of your contracts if you have thousands of contractors and led to unnecessary waiting time if you do not use the filters. For that reason, options are not pre-loaded anymore and you need to click on “Show all entries” if you want to use that specific filter:





In addition to that, an option “Fast filtering” has been added so that search is being limited in the contract list to the field “Contract description” and in the document section to the field “Contractor”. If you do not set the fast filtering option, the search is being done on all fields.