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Take a look at some of Contract Alerts features, illustrated with actual screenshots.

Who owns my data? You can download your contract
data and documents at all times
or export your contract data
in csv- or worksheet format.
At all times you!
Different contracts,
different data
In order to save data you
need, you can create custom
fields and assign them to your
contract type(s).
Create custom reports As soon as you create custom fields
you will be willing to run reports on

With the report generator you
can access that data and export it to a
worksheet for further analysis.

You can save your report either
as a private or a global report.
Approval history Check at all times the approval
history of a contract with dates
and comments.
Increase security with
document encryption.
As an administrator, you can
define a password to encrypt
all documents.

Documents are encrypted
and decrypted in the background
and will not be noticed
by the users.
Private filter Create and save private filters
in order to view the contract
information you need for your work.
You manage your
contracts in a
Check out the import function.

Existing structured data can
be imported.

If you need assistance,
contact our support.
Transfer ownership of
contracts and events
Once a colleague is going for
a new opportunity, you can
easily re-assign ownership of
contracts and events to other users.
Restrict access
to contracts
In order that users will have
only access to contracts they
need for their work, you simply
select the department(s) in the
user profile for which you want
to grant access.
User profiles By creating user profiles,
you can restrict access to
options of the software
and set read / write rights.