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The following features are available in both the Standard and Adaptable versions of the contract management software.

Contract Data

Enter the key informations of a contract, such as contract start-, end-, expiry dates, contract value, ownership and notes.

Contract Documentation

Stores copies of contracts, their terms and conditions along with their various available versions.

Email Alerts

Sends emails notification to the contract owners along with a link to the the relevant contract.

Automatic Contract Renewal

Automatically renews permanent contracts to save time.

Currency Management

Automatically converts contract values in your local currency.

User Delete

Automatically assigns ownership to a new user.

Data Import

Imports existing structured data from a CSV-File.


Stores notes relating to any contract.

Key Figures

Allows assignment of revenue and expenditure for multiple cost centres

Contract Partners

Management of contractors and their points of contact.

Serial Display

Display all of the current, renewed and recently negotiated contracts.

Company Structure

Defines sites (or companies) and their cost centres (or departments) for the assignment of contracts.

Contract Templates

Stores contract templates in a database, so the latest versions are always available to users.

User Categories

Defines the program options, and read/write permissions assigned to each user category.

User Management

Defines rights of access to contracts by site, cost centre, workgroups and profiles.

Milestones Calendar

Displays upcoming events and contracts.


To analyze your data by supplier, milestones, contract types, users and financial values.
Use the Export function for further analysis in a worksheet.

Search and Filter Functions

Easy search and filter functions allow quick retrieval of relevant information.

Data Export

Exports contract data in Excel or CSV-Format for further analysis.


Contract documents are encrypted and decrypted in the background.

Data Deletion

Contract data and documentation are only tagged as deleted, but can always be recovered.

User Lock

After three unsuccessful access attempts, the user is automatically locked out.

Amendments History

All changes to contracts are logged by date and user.


See at a glance where action is needed on contracts and events. Get informed on changes made by other users.

The following additional features are exclusively available in the Adaptable version of our software.

Customisable Data Fields

Stores information typically used by your company or in a specific type of contract.

Mapping Data Fields

Maps custom data fields to specific contract types.

Generate Reports

Produces reports specifically tailored to your organisation. Reports can be tagged as ‘Private’ or ‘Global’.

Index Management

Allows management of contracts matched to the cost of living index, e.g. for leases.


Exports all contract data in HTML format, including contract documents for auditors etc.

Contract Approval Flow

Create custom approval flows as needed in your company.