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Protecting your contract database and documents is a high priority. To ensure it remains secure, a number of approaches are being used, including:



An SSL-Certificate guarantees all data being transferred between our server and the user’s PC is encrypted, similar to online banking transactions.


Tier IV Datacenter

Your contract database and documents are being stored in a Tier IV Datacenter, considered as most robust and less prone to failures, with fully redundant subsystems.

IP Restrictions


Restrict access to your data to a specific IP range, so that Contract Alert is only accessible at designated physical locations.

User lock

User Lock

Once a user has attempted to login three times using an incorrect password, the user account will be blocked automatically.

AES Encryption

Document Encryption

Documents will be automatically encrypted with a password you specify and can’t be viewed without a valid login.


Offsite Backups

Password protected backups of your contract database and docuements data are being stored in a separate datacenter.