Changing contract and event status from the dashboard

Following options have been added to the pending date of notices in the dashboard section:


1.change of contract status

By clicking on the symbols you can change the contract status directly without the need to open the contract first. The meaning of the symbols can be seen by hovering your mouse over the icons.


This symbol is being used to confirm the automatic contract extension.


Sets the contract status to “Contract cancelled”.


Set the contract status to “Contract will expire”


This symbol will change the status to “successive contract created” and will immediately copy all data of the existing contract so that you can amend data if necessary for the new contract.

2.change the contract reminder date

For contracts with a long negotiation cycle you may want to receive a new reminder in future for that contract and stop the sending every 2 days of a reminder. In this field you can enter the new date you want to get reminded.

For all action based on these icons, you will first need to confirm it like:


3.Open pdf files in your browser instead of downloading

If you click on the document description, the document will be downloaded to your computer and openend in the application as it has always been sofar.


If you click on the icon preceding the document description, the document will be opened in your browser instead. Some browser versions do need an addin for this.