App Settings

In this section you can customize date formats, thousand separators, logos and color schemes.
Hoover over the “Quicklinks” and select the option “App settings”.








You will see following options and most will be self explanatory:












Date format:

Change between dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy


German or english


Full stop or comma


Your prefered color scheme that can be set for all new users you will add to the system.


For new users you can set the default mailing option to either receive a single email per contract or a single email per day containing all contract reminders.

Upload size:

With this option you can increase the size of the documents that users can upload.

Mail subject:

With this option you can set the text shown in email reminders of single emails per contract:


You can replace the Contract Alert logo by using yours. Best is to create an image file with the sizes of 960 x 60 pixels.

This will replace the blue area: