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About Contract Alert

Contract Alert is being used by a wide range of companies, from small to large, privately held or quoted on stock exchanges. They are active in different business segments like agriculture, airline cargo, software development, wind turbines manufacturing or mobile payment solution provider to name some. The initiators for implementing our contract management software are in general members of supply chain-, legal-, procurement- or finance departments.

Have a look at this snapshot to see where our users are based:

So what are the reasons they did select Contract Alert?


That is probably the main reason. In our view, contract management software needs to be simple and intuitive in order to make sure that users adopt it.

Return on Investment

Whatever contract management software you implement, the return on your investment will be the highest in the first year after implementation. The following years will still bring value as you will be able to negotiate in time, will increase compliance of your agreements and streamline your processes but at some point you will not be able to negotiate better rates as savings are not bottomless.


We are aware that we will only be successful if you are. As such we invest in a personal relationship and will assist you to solve your problem where we can.


Contract Alert is a product of LP&S, a consultancy firm based in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and started as a side project in 2005. At that time, a hotel company was unhappy with the existing solutions and searching for;

  • Simplicity of use, due to the typical high staff turnover in the hospitality industry.
  • Limited set of options to avoid training expenses.
  • Web based, as having hotels in different countries and cities.
  • Inexpensive

So that was the upbeat to create a blueprint of the contract management software and to outsource the programming to a professional company based in Germany. Since then we still outsource the programming and many options have been added but always from the perspective of simplicity and that will remain like that in future.

Self funded

recurring-revenue contract management softwareContract Alert was funded over the years with many consulting jobs and by the revenues it generated.

We continue to invest and improve the product based on customer feedback.

We have no debt and no external investors to satisfy. We are cash flow positive on the product since several years and can set course ourselves.

We like what we do and the growth in revenue shows us that we are on the right track, so all signals are green for still being around in the next decade.

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